Weekly Recap: A Few of Our Latest Trades in Healthcare

For those that missed it last week, Dr. Chaudhry offered an educational, retrospective look at both AVEO and DCTH’s advisory panel votes. In addition, we listed a few reasons that investors might find AVEO interesting over the next few months. It’s a wildcard, but bottom-fishers might take a peek.

While we were optimistic about the FDA barring generic versions of an older form of ENDP’s Opana ER, Friday that decision went negative. But as we’ve pointed out in the past, Opana ER is worth about $5 a share and upside was not entirely baked in. ENDP closed the day down only 6% on the decision.

Mr. Deryugin outlined why Onyx and Celgene are more symbiotic than investors had anticipated, as well as why ONXX has upside remaining.

Jason Napodano has been interested in Pozen for a long time, and now he’s pounding the table on why this stock has more potential than the market gives it credit for.


PropThink subscribers could have gotten involved in Affymax’s move lower Friday. We pointed out that the rally this week was nothing fundamental, and that Puts were an attractive way to play. They’re up 40% since mid-week.

Regeneron has been a winner for PropThink since the end of last year, up 47%, and there’s reason to be involved here in the long-term.

MAKO Surgical’s quarterly earnings weren’t convincing enough to make us step in as buyers, although we like the idea of this turnaround story. Still, we want more evidence before it’s worth a shot. Here’s what we were looking for.

Since RPTP popped last week when Procysbi received approval, it’s been a great short for PropThink subscribers. Mr. King pointed out that investor focus was likely to shift to Procysbi’s ability to receive reimbursement, and traders who got a borrow around $7 are up 18%.

There’s growth at ViroPharma, says Mr. Deryugin. Despite a poor quarter, the company is delivering.

DRRX and PTIE both took a dump on Friday when Pfizer revealed that it has still not made a decision on moving forward with Remoxy, but more importantly, the company expects that a NDA won’t be refiled for another two years. We’ll have an update on both stories next week.