PropThink Premium is the first of its kind to offer institutional and retail investors in-depth and actionable analysis of companies in the healthcare sector. Using a blend of contrarian and value analysis, we find unusual and emerging equities poised to make a major move.

Our goal is to help you make money investing in the healthcare sector. It’s a complicated space, and investors often get caught up in the excitement of a sexy story. But most of these companies simply won’t make it (90% of drug candidates will never be approved). That’s why identifying quality is crucial.

What you get:

Buy and Sell Alerts

Maximize profits with our clear Buy and Sell recommendations. Know exactly what to buy and when, and even more important in the volatile and fast-moving biotech sector, know when to sell.

Powerful Long and Short Research Reports

In-depth research exposing significant short- and long-term opportunities in the healthcare sector. Know the ins and outs of why we like an idea: the science, the stats, and even the risks. We’re skeptics by nature, and we think our subscribers should be too.

Biotech Catalyst Calendar

Trading biotech stocks is all about finding catalyzing events. Use our catalyst calendar to identify upcoming value-driving events and be on the bleeding edge of the next big events.


“I really think Propthink research and timing was great! I used your advice on OREX (both entry and exit) and that itself brought me huge returns.”  – Pradeep
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SPA Database

A stepping-off point in the diligence process, our proprietary database of public companies running late-stage clinical trials under Special Protocol Assessments is a great source for idea-generation in the healthcare sector.

Weekly Newsletter

A weekly recap of the events that are moving the sector and a look at some of our recent ideas. Looking back on trends is one of the best ways to learn. Our newsletter also gives you FREE access to some of our top fundamental picks in healthcare.

Start At Half The Price

Not sure? Your first month of PropThink Premium is just $49. We think you’ll put it back to work pretty quickly.


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The term “biotechnology” has come to loosely refer to drug companies that are still in the development stage. Biopharma, meanwhile, is generally used to refer to larger companies that are still development-focused, but have moved on to commercializing their own drug products as well. Compared to more traditional pharmaceutical companies (for example: Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson), investors are often willing to pay a higher premium, or multiple of the company’s expected future earnings (Forward P/E), for biopharma companies due to their dynamism, future revenues from the drug pipeline and successful track record at developing and commercializing drug products.

PropThink focuses on small- and mid-capitalization, emerging-growth healthcare and biotechnology companies. Generally speaking, we consider companies with a market capitalization of less than $2 billion “small-cap” and $2 – 10 billion “mid-cap.” Often, we do write about large-cap biopharma companies, as they’re a critical part of a diversified portfolio, but it’s not our central focus at PropThink.

Who We Are

PropThink is a team of full-time and contributing (part-time) writers, analysts (former & current buyside/sellside), investors, traders, and scientists. You can read about our team by clicking here.

Much of the content, and almost all of the ideas published at PropThink.com, are done in collaboration. Dialog is critical to proofing an investment thesis, thus most of our published research and all of our Premium ideas are actually joint efforts between team members. This may not always be apparent in the by-line on a given article, but you can always assume that numerous team members have vetted the ideas/trades coming from PropThink.

How to Use PropThink Premium

Our number one goal is to provide our subscribers with actionable and profitable trading/investing ideas. When we have an new idea, or an update to a trade, you’ll receive by email a Premium Buy, Sell, or Update Alert.

All of the Alerts that Premium members receive contain a well-defined “Call to Action” in addition to a deeper dive on the opportunity at hand. The Call to Action distills the trade into a few bullet points so you know what’s important – and exactly what to do.

We’re not producing research for the sake of producing research. We track and vet hundreds of healthcare companies (that means 95% of the investment research we do never results in a trade at that time), and it’s only the names that we think are actionable now that you’ll hear about. We’re doing a lot of research, but it doesn’t always make sense to write, edit, and format all of this research into long-form reports – moreso to focus on ideas that you can profit from now. This is another goal of ours: not to inundate you with 50-page research reports, but to distill the most important components of any investment thesis into more digestible work – 5-10 pages, on average.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at editor@propthink.com.


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