PropThink is a leading online destination for retail and institutional investors seeking actionable and independent analysis of publicly-traded, emerging growth companies in the healthcare sector. Our editorial team is comprised of individuals with a strong background in science, medicine and the business of successfully commercializing therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and healthcare services. Our ultimate objective is to leverage the knowledge and experience of our contributors to introduce our subscribers to profitable long and short investment opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Successfully trading and investing in development-stage healthcare companies is a difficult task. Over 90% of drugs that are tested in the laboratory never make it to market, and only a small portion of drug candidates that move into human testing will make it across the finish line – an approved and marketed product. Most of these small companies won’t have revenues for many years as they move through development, and will require huge capital investments along the way. This often results in repeat and highly dilutive equity financings for these companies, sometimes done on the backs of retail investors. Most biotechnology companies simply won’t succeed, and identifying the quality companies in this complicated landscape is no easy task.

We leverage a combined 50 years of experience in science, medicine, legal, regulatory affairs, finance, and operational industry experience to analyze companies at a highly technical level. This detailed analysis and due diligence process defines our editorial strategy and provides our subscribers with a high level of confidence in our research. There’s plenty of noise out there, which is why PropThink’s mandate is complete independence. We’re committed to providing a balanced view and believe that skepticism is a major prerequisite to investing in the healthcare sector.

At present, PropThink offers regular market coverage and periodic feature stories (called Insights), periodic Interviews with key opinion leaders and investors, as well as an actionable investing newsletter called PropThink Premium (see our Research).

Dmytry Shepsen

Founding Partner

Dmytry is a serial entrepreneur and full time investor, dedicating his expertise and capital to areas of business that are overlooked and underrepresented. This was his basis for launching PropThink: proprietary research was only accessible to larger investors able to afford paying for it. PropThink levels the playing field by giving all investors equal access through the distribution of proprietary research. Dmytry is a value investor with a slight preference towards shorting companies that have unsustainable models and disconnected valuations. In his free time he enjoys reading investigative journalism, watching hard-hitting documentaries and challenging himself with Sudoku puzzles.

Jake King

Special Advisor & Contributor

Mr. King trades and invests almost exclusively in the healthcare sector, particularly event-driven and small/mid-cap equities, and brings a deep understanding of public markets and biotechnology/healthcare equities to PropThink, in addition to journalistic experience covering financial and broader economic policies. Mr. King graduated with a B.A. in English and Writing from Eastern Mennonite University, where he focused academically on journalism while pursuing finance and economics in his spare time. Find Mr. King on Twitter at @fajajake.

Research and Analysis by Jake King

Deniel Mero


Deniel's commentary is focused on actionable healthcare trades and the latest market trends. His investment research has been syndicated throughout leading financial media platforms across the web. Examples of Deniel’s work can be found on Forbes, Business Insider, The Street, Seeking Alpha and GuruFocus, to name a few. Deniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in economics and finance. In his spare time Deniel enjoys staying active through a variety of sports and reading online publications. Connect with him on LinkedIn

Editorial Staff


As we observe intriguing developments or technical news we publish our analysis and thoughts collectively under Editorial Staff. Articles by Editorial Staff is simply the culmination of due diligence by several members of our research team.

PropThink continues to search for individuals with a strong background researching and analyzing emerging growth healthcare companies to join our organization on a full-time or contract basis. If this is you, please contact us.

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