ViroPharma’s Extended Study Published; Investors Look to Q2 Report in August

Shares of ViroPharma Inc. (NASDAQ:VPHM) are up 5% today on news that the company’s Cinryze C1 esterase inhibitor is featured in July’s online edition of The American Journal of Medicine. Cinryze had a favorable safety profile in an extensions test treating hereditary angioedema (HAE). HAE is a severely debilitating genetic disorder that results in painful and sometimes life-threatening inflammatory attacks that can last for days. Roughly 93% of patients showed a decrease in HAE attacks and few adverse safety events in 2.6 years.

Cinryze accounted for $68.2MM in Q1 revenue for VPHM – roughly half of total sales – with an increase of $13MM from Q1 of 2011. The company’s top and bottom lines have grown consistently in the past five years. No doubt shareholders are excited today on the positive news for VPHM, which may continue as the company will release its second quarter earnings report before August 9.