“Sagent CEO: We’re Actively Pursuing M&A Targets We Can Leverage With Our Network"

In an exclusive video interview with PropThink.com, Sagent Pharmaceuticals (SGNT) President and CEO, Jeff Yordon, comments on healthcare reform, addressing pricing controls introduced with the Medicare Modernization Act and supply issues that have inevitably followed. The company is countering these pressures by drafting unique contracts with its customers, says Yordon:

“We are going to absolutely guarantee supply on a bunch of products and in return we want to have a guarantee that we will get a fair price for that. So we’re not going to be the highest; we’re not going to be the lowest; we’re going to make a reasonable margin.”

Sagent’s Chief Executive is also confident he can better market smaller products than the companies who spend more on overhead than they see in sales by leveraging their network of manufacturers and distributors.

“[Sagent] is very non-traditional; the idea is to try and build a portfolio as quickly as [we] possibly can. And we’re doing that through partnerships.”