Mesoblast Interview: The Best Adult Stem Cell Technology In The World?

Mesoblast (ASX: MSB) (OTC:MEOBF) CEO Silviu Itesu speaks on his company’s adult stem cell technology, particularly mesenchymal precursor cells, and the low-cost manufacturing capabilities that the technology implies. Itesu discusses development compound Revascor for use in congestive heart failure and details the latest Phase II results. In 60 patients the drug saw no adverse events and a 0% event rate (hospital visits, mortality) compared to 20% in a control group; the company is planning to initiate a 1500-patient Phase III study in the coming few months. The trials are funded entirely by Teva (NYSE: TEVA), says Itesu, but the company’s financial situation would allow for a few years of ‘solo’ operation.

Itesu briefly compares Mesoblast’s production strategies to those of Dendreon’s (NASDAQ: DNDN) Provenge, and explains how Mesoblast’s production will be significantly less expensive. The conversation also covers two more pipeline products, a Type-2 diabetes treatment and an intervertebral disc treatment, both of which have shown promising results in Phase II studies.