Coronado: Novel Approach to Bowel Diseases Moves Forward

Coronado Biosciences (NASDAQ:CNDO) has initiated a Phase 2 trial of Trichuris sues ova (TSO) for the treatment of Crohn’s disease – the treatment is a unique one. Microscopic eggs of the porcine whipworm are introduced orally to the patient, which may help regulate T-cells and inflammatory cytokines in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. In a Phase 1 study, the treatment reduced remission and response rates. Research is largely based on the “hygiene hypothesis” in which patients living in developed countries have no exposure to parasites, and therefore may be unable to regulate their own bowels properly. The trial will narrow the focus for TSO from a broad bowel disease application specifically to Crohn’s disease; if it proves efficacious, further indications will likely be explored. Share price should increase some today on higher-than-normal volume as the company’s lead candidate progresses.