Ambu’s Single-Use Products Supplant High-Cost Traditional Technology

Ambu (CPH:AMBU-B) President and CEO Lars Marcher discusses Ambu’s global sales position and growth strategy in an exclusive interview with According to Marcher, Ambu is adapting traditionally high-cost reusable healthcare technology into significantly cheaper single-use products, which Marcher says is the future of healthcare. A new fiber optic scope, for instance, will cost about $200; the capital requirements and cost-of-ownership for providers are significantly lower than the $60,000 price tag on currently available products from companies like Olympus (OTC:OCPNY), and 3M (NYSE:MMM) in the case of patient-monitoring electrodes.

Marcher discusses revenues for their three product segments – anesthesia, patient monitoring and diagnostics, and emergency training supplies – and explains the company’s largest growth segment, as well as impressive regional growth expectations in emerging markets. Marcher also explains why the Danish company is less concerned with European market instability than many competitors and companies based in the EU.