Abbot: Omnilink Elite Approval for Improved Iliac Artery Disease Treatment

A balloon-expandable stent system developed by Abbot Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) received FDA approval this morning for the treatment of iliac artery disease. A form of peripheral artery disease, the disease affects the lower extremeties and results in reduced mobility, chronic pain, and can ultimately disable the patient entirely. The Omnilink Elite uses a cobalt chromium alloy for better X-Ray visibility while maintaining flexibility and strength. Pitted against Abbot’s Absolute Pro stent system in trials, the Omnilink Elite significantly surpassed its primary safety endpoint, as well as the Absolute Pro, and showed improved mobility in patients suffering from iliac artery disease. While the stent marks an advance for Abbot, it is unlikely to substantially change the treatment landscape. Investor perception will drive ABT up slightly today, but the advance will only impact ABT shares minimally in the long-term.