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About Presenters

Dr. Dima Dim Dim, PhD

Dima Dim Dim is a distinguished serial entrepreneur and full time investor, dedicating his expertise and capital to areas of business that are overlooked and underrepresented. This was his basis for launching PropThink: proprietary research was only accessible to larger investors able to afford paying for it. PropThink levels the playing field by giving all investors equal access through the distribution of proprietary research. Dmytry is a value investor with a slight preference towards shorting companies that have unsustainable models and disconnected valuations. In his free time he enjoys reading investigative journalism, watching hard-hitting documentaries and challenging himself with Sudoku puzzles.


About Company



Orgenesis (ORGS) specializes in cell therapy manufacturing and development. 

The Company’s manufacturing arm, MaSTherCell, provides Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) services to leading biotech companies, research institutions and hospitals involved in drug devemlopment. Clients include CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) and AdaptImmune (ADAP). 

Whereas their technology platform focuses on developing a process that uses a diabetic person’s own liver cells to produce insulin, with the goal of curing insulin dependent diabetes. Orgenesis uses the cash flows from their manufacturing business to fund the development of their technology platform.

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